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Earwax Removal Appointments Available this Week. 

This week's vailability:

Tuesday& Wednesday: 9-5pm

Thursday: 9-3pm

Saturday; 9-12:30


In-Clinic Appointment



Home Visit Appointment available:

Wednesday : 3 slots available

Thursday: 1 slots available 


£89- within 5 mile radius 

£95- within 10 mile radius


About us

  • Ears2Hear is a leading professional earcare clinic located in Weston-super-Mare, dedicated to improving your auditory health.

At Ears2Hear, we ensure the highest standard of excellence in care. We understand the importance of hearing in your life, and we are committed to enhancing your ability to hear the world around you.

Our Services Include:

  • Earwax Removal:Available both in-store and through home visits.
  • Hearing Tests: Comprehensive assessments to evaluate your hearing.
  • Re-tubing of Hearing Molds: Ensuring your hearing aids fit and function perfectly.
  • Custom-Made Earplugs: Directly molded for a perfect fit, so you can use your plugs sooner.

I am qualified to look after your ears

I am a trained and accredited professional specializing in earwax removal. As an experienced and qualified audiologist, I provide a range of earcare services, including:

- Earwax Removal: Expertise in safe and effective earwax removal.

- Hearing Tests: Comprehensive assessments to evaluate your hearing.

- Custom-Made Earplugs: Directly molded for a perfect fit.

- Re-tubing of Hearing Molds: Ensuring your hearing aids fit and function perfectly.

I often offer same-day appointments, providing prompt and convenient service.

My commitment to excellence is reflected in my numerous 5-star reviews.

Details & Business hours


28 Boulevard  

Inside the Industry Barbers  


BS23 1NF  



Email: ears2hear.wsm@gmail.com  

Phone: 07402149640  

Business Hours: this week:

-  Tuesday 9-5pm (quite a couple of spaces available)

-  Wednesday: Nothing available 

- Thursday: Nothing available 

- Friday: Nothing avaiable


If my sign is outside the door, I'm in for business. If my header is on the sign, I have available appoitnments that day.

If you're unsure about having ear wax, it's better to schedule an ear health check. This quick and effective procedure can determine if you need a referral for ear wax removal.


Earwax Removal £55 in-store

We offer safe and gentle earwax removal using microsuction or manual tools, performed by qualified audiologists.

Procedure Overview:

1. Initial Assessment: We start by asking medical questions and examining your ears.

2. Wax Removal: Gentle suction is used to remove earwax. If there are skin particles or hard wax plugs, manual tools may also be employed.

3. Post-Procedure: We display images of your ear canal and eardrum to confirm they are clear of wax, skin, and debris.

Pre-Appointment Preparation:

 If you have hard wax, we recommend using ear drops for 2-3 days before your appointment to soften the wax, ensuring a more effective treatment.

 Note that not everyone's earwax requires softening; this depends on individual variations in wax consistency.


In cases where the earwax is too hard to safely remove during the initial appointment, there may be a fee for a follow-up session








Microsuction to remove earwax


If you have narrow ear canals or require frequent wax removal (3-4 times a year), we recommend inquiring about our frequent flyer discounts.


Additionally, we offer discounts for:

- Groups of 4 people at the same address.

- Booking 4 appointments for yourself to use over an 18-month period.

Home visit: Earwax Removal £89

We provide safe earwax removal at the convenience of your own home from £89 within 5 mile radius.

Contact me if you live further away, as more than 10 mile radius can incur and extra petrol fee.

Home visit discount package

Discount available for 4 people in same address, or

if you book 4 appointments for yourself to use over 12-18 months.

Hearing Tests

Hearing test and ear health check done

Accurate diagnostic hearing test with personalised care. We do a ear health check, test your hearing and advise you if the next step.


Home visit:£70

Custom made ear plugs

Impression with direct moulded material.

We offer custom-made swim, surfer, and noise plugs for £89 per pair.

Our process involves creating direct-moulded impressions to ensure a precise fit based on your ear shape. This custom approach provides superior comfort and effectiveness tailored to your individual needs.

For more detailed information, please refer to the separate tab on custom-made ear plugs.



Re-tube your ear mould

re-tube with standard/ thick/medium tubing

We can put new tubes on your moulds, if the tubes has gone hard and old. We have stardard sizes, medium and thick. 


Please see the tab for re-tubing for more information. 

re-tubing with spirals and jewelry

Ear health check £25

β€œAfter my appointment at Ears2hear, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in my hearing. The audiologist was incredibly professional and made the whole process comfortable.”

John Smith



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At Ears2hear, we are dedicated to provide you with excellence in the highest quality ear care. Located in the heart of Weston super mare, our clinic specialises in professional earwax removal, ensuring your hearing is clear and your ears are healthy text.

28 Boulevard

Inside the Industry barbers

Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1NF